Exclusive FRONT DOOR

double-sided overlay fillings

High-quality aluminum decorative plates cover the entire sash frame – both on the inside and outside. As a result, smooth, elegant, beautiful surfaces are created on both sides, covering the structural elements, which gives a clean form without visible unnecessary elements (sash profiles) hidden inside. The door frame itself remains visible, and the sash is consistent and extremely aesthetic.

one-sided overlay fillings

Elegance on the outside, functionality inside: The entire surface of the outer side is covered with a decorative panel (veneer). Inside, the leaf frame is visible and “surrounds” the door filling – from the inside, the leaf frame and the filling remain visible.

batch filling

As the name suggests, the filling is “inserted” into the sash frame, like a glazing unit. The leaf profile is visible on both sides and “surrounds” the filling. Technologically, however, it is a structure in which the filling can be easily replaced. Regardless of which variant you choose – We guarantee the highest degree of aesthetics, safety and energy efficiency combined with ease of care and elegance.

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